While tea has spread from Asia to rest of the world, coffee has its roots in Africa. Tea can be flavored with spices, fruity essences and such other additives. Coffee, not being amenable to flavorings, is best enjoyed unadulterated. Chicory was cultivated in ancient Egypt for its culinary and medicinal qualities, and is mentioned in ancient Greek literature. The leaves are similar to dandelion greens, and the root is dried, roasted and added to coffees. The French added it to coffee to subdue the stimulating effects of caffeine.

Chicory is the only exception that blends well with coffee. Traditionally dried coffee beans and chicory roots have been jointly roasted to give a coffee drink with a slightly different flavor. Bru coffee was perhaps the first product in India to tap this ’coffee-chicory blend’ instant drink market. The BRU instant coffee powder is deliberately granulated to preserve the aroma and reduce moisture absorption. The popularity of Bru is widespread, owing to its pricing advantage against the pure instant coffees. Tips for concocting a good BRU - take it with moderate milk and less sugar (just enough to savor the bitterness).Enjoy each sip!