Eagle's Gold Henna Hair Dye

Henna is a small shrub with small, dark green scented leaves. The leaves are dried and ground down into a powder which is finely sieved two or more times through a fine nylon cloth. These filtering process results in removing the coarse fibers from the powder , making what is left finer and easier to use. The herbal based henna hair dye is Jothi Impex’s exclusive brand originating from India.. Creates lustrous hair shades.

Comes in three brilliant colors of Black, brown and chestnut.EAGLE’S GOLD HENNA is specially manufactured following the ancient traditional procedures but under strict, hygienic conditions and is quality controlled to ensure its a premium quality product with good staining effects on the hair strands. The end result is beautiful lustrous black hair to be envied upon.

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Livon hair Potion

Livon Silky Potion is a perfect solution for tangled hair and glides on hair with amazing ease, reduces hair breakage, leaving the hair manageable and frizz-free. Only a little amount of Livon, applied to damp hair after a hair wash, is enough to detangle them.Not only does Livon provide an effective solution for a common problem, it also offers cosmetic benefits that enhance look and texture of hair. Today, Livon is seen as the most convenient and beneficial way to have untangled, manageable, soft and smooth hair.

For more info on Livon visit:  www.livon.co.za
Nihar Light Perfumed Coconut Hair oil (Jasmine)

Nihar is a brand of pure coconut hair oil that has used the platform of purity to become the market leader. Nihar speaks to young mothers whose lives revolve around their family.

With natural ingredients double filtration and a 100% purity guarantee, Nihar is coconut hair oil in its purest form. It has used its understanding of consumers to become the leading hair oil brand.
It is a brand that has managed to differentiate itself from its competition, labeling enhance as basic coconut oils and adoption a stand of beauty and nourishment for it self.