“Jothi means (brilliance of light) in Sanskrit. Enlightenment from the dark”

Definition of Logo:


• At a look the logo looks like friendly face.
• In business there are ups and downs; In spite of it, Jothi Impex smiles ,welcomes and always gives warmth when servicing customers and attending to all their needs under any circumstances.

Two fishes on the left and right meeting

• The first visible life originated in water (sea) as a form of fish. This is first Evolutionary state. Jothi Impex emerged as the primary distributor of premium Indian Based Products that caters all over south East Asia.
• Fishes breed through its mouth. This uniqueness shows the productivity of Jothi Impex by constantly innovating exciting new products and new brands at a rapid time allowing ample business growth.
• Fishes doesn’t have eyelids; it symbolizes attentiveness and also alertness when doing business.
• Fishes normally swims in various directions. Symbolically indicating that your competitor shouldn’t know which direction you are heading towards.
• Fishes are graceful, alert, swift and active creatures. Jothi Impex aspires to imitate its characteristic that promises efficiency in the distribution sector and customer service.

The Lit Lamp

• The lit lamp symbolizes “clarity in the darkness and brightness in the atmosphere”.
• The lit lamp represents 3 components namely
• The oil (energy),
The wick (the team of workforce) and
The lamp (the organization of Jothi Impex).Jothi Impex will not function without these 3 components.

J & I Flame

• The alphabets J (Jothi) and I (Impex) is embedded in the flame which is the source of ultimate energy.
• Light brings supernatural brightness and joy.
• The flames will burn the ignorance; this principal must be followed by the organization to achieve success in business.